Mobile Shooting Set
What is the "Mobile Shooting Set" ?  
The Mobile Shooting Set is a mobile shooting system with e-targets especially designed to create shooting ranges, shooting courses and scenarized games (indoor and outdoor). It does not use a computer. 

For whom is the "Mobile Shooting Set" ?
Professionals airsoft and paintball, all leisure activities (karting, tree-climbing, camping, etc.)
will see their turnover increase by offering a new and exciting activity, open to all young and old, customer both male 
and female, from beginners to avid airsoft sport shooting.

What contains the "Mobile Shooting Set" ? 
The Mobile Shooting Set contains all that is needed to easily create an activity of target shooting :
  • 1 E-Timer configurable (start, display, management accessories, statistics) including 10 games modes : 
    • 1 player modes : Classic gaming / Play with part-time / Auto start 
    • 2 player modes : Classic duel / Game collaboration / Relay 2 players
    • Team game modes : Mission partial / Complete / Imposed / Timer mission. 
  • 10 Targets "Box M1", autonomous boxes with batteries, programmables : 
    • Classic gaming / Reverso 
    • Day mode / Night mode 
    • 1, 2, 3 or 4 shots for validation,
    • Up to 0.07 joules / 0.07 joules and more
    • Ignition timing of the target after impact(s) for checking:
      • 5 or 10 seconds. 
  • 2 Targets "Stop Box" configurable with connecting cable : 
    • Day mode / Night mode 
  • 13 fixing assemblies (12 targets, 1 E-Timer). 
  • 14 gongs (10 conventional, 2 stops, 1 start, 1 Relay). 
  • Documentation.
  • Suitcase for storage and transport. 
How to use the "Mobile Shooting Set " ?
The Mobile Shooting Set can create a point of activity alone or in a range of activities grouped :  
  • A shooting range, ideal for small competitions and challenges, much appreciated by the EC and sports groups. 
  • A shooting course, completely autonomous with its auto start mode for a smooth transition from large group, 
  • One duel with interposed targets, perfect for settling scores super fun with friends.