An autonomous, programmable, electronic target with a metal gong.  
Mobile Shooting Set (MSS)
Ref: 603412

The Mobile Shooting Set is a mobile shooting system with e-targets especially designed to create shooting ranges, shooting courses and scenarized games (indoor and outdoor). This system does not use a computer.
Training Shooting Experience (TSX)
Ref: 603417 (8 targets)
This shooting course is a modular area with several targets. From 1 to 23 sections with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 targets each.
The shooter must get through each section as quickly as possible and fire at the illuminated electronic targets, depending on the game and the level selected. The scores of the players are ranked on a computer.

Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

The CQB is an area where teams (2 to 9 players per team) can fight each other. Thanks to the modular and customisable structures created by Cybergun Entertainment Systems, it is possible to recreate videogame scenarios and different gaming modes like Deathmatch and Capture the flag. The Battle Zone can also be used for laser games.

Simplify the management of your TSR, TSC, TSX or CQB, thanks to the RFID Kit.
Your customers have a customizable membership card, allowing quick identification and used e-wallet. Your customers are autonomous.


Animate your TSR, TSC, TSX or CQB, with light or other effects, triggered in real time, on the basis of the events caused by the players.