Training Shooting Experience
What is the "Training Shooting Experience"  ? 
The TSX is a modular area with several targets. The shooter must get through each section as quickly as possible and fire at the illuminated electronic targets. There are up to 10 levels of difficulty with a maximum of 230 targets. 
For whom is the "Training Shooting Experience" ? 
Professionals can find in the TSX an activity that can be associated with a video game area and complemented by a lounge bar. A good way to boost and diversify their business ... 
Ideal for happy evenings with friends, meetings of shooting sports enthusiasts, meetings between collectors but also for creating animation package bound for groups.  
The TSX is also ideal for the creation of sporting challenges, to create a pool of competitors, customers particularly interesting as the demand for airsoft sport shooting events is important.  
Real Shoot Professionals can find in the Training Shooting Experience an ideal and playful set to make novices discover shooting through a totaly safe target shooting airsoft equipment.  
What contains the "Training Shooting Experience" ?  

One management software for tracking scores with different settings : 
Energy choice : Up to 0.07 J / 0.5 J and more 
Games modes : Reverso / Free / Imposed / Unpredictable and more 
Replica choice : Han gun / Shoulder gun
Start modes : Fixed / Unpredictable 
One starting pushbutton. 
1 to 23 connection hub for targets. 
2 to 230 wired sensor boxes. 
2 to 230 cables from 3 m (10 ft) to 20 m ( 65 ft ). 
2 to 230 custom designed target disc. 
One Instruction Manual.

You can upgrade your TSX when and as you want.
All targets must have an unique number.

 What income expected with the "Training Shooting Experience" ?  
Increase income with :  
  • Airsoft stuff sales to casual players. 
  • Airsoft guns sales after comparative tests. 
  • Specific airsoft stuff sales to sport players. 
  • Selling packages stuffs and games